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Caelteria Is Currently Under Construction

Here At Caelteria We Take Great Pride In Our Server. Witch Is Why It Is Undergoing A Great Change.

Dont Worry. The Builds And A Majority Of Quests Will Remain Un-Touched. We Are Working On Adding NEW Quests Inteanded To Guide The Player Immersively Though Our World. GONE Will The Days Of Aimlessly Walking Wondering Where To Go. We Also Inteand To Inhance The Player Experience In Other Ways. Im Not Gonna Go Into Specifics Buuuuut -whispering- new special gear.

- Plans For A New Interactable Map Are On The Way. Smilar To Popular Servers Like Shotbow (map)

- Fixing destroyed Areas Of Map. SOMEONE Decided To Attack Our Pretty Towns.

- MORE Focus On Bringing Back Our Beloved Roleplaying Community


Hello and welcome to Caelteria! 

We are a growing roleplay server that uses mods to augment the vanilla experience. If you have ever wanted more than just what the base game offers, then look no further!

Updates this week:

  1. A new mithril weapon and associated quest.
  2. Several quest fixes planned.
  3. Site homepage has been reorganized.
  4. The mod pack has been updated, please be sure to update!

We are currently seeking a video maker and/or the help of a well-known YT'er, if you wish to help, please contact Cofounder Jillian. We are also looking for people with experience in advertising and building; if you have either, drop me a pm!


  1. The easiest way* to go is using the Technic Launcher, download it here: http://technicpack.net/
  2. Add the pack to the launcher using this URL: api.technicpack.net/modpack/razzleberrys-deco-pack (cut and past this directly into the technic search bar!)
  3. If you have not already, assign more than 1 GB of RAM in Technic's settings, 2gb is best usually.
  4. This is the server IP: razz.mobiusstrip.eu:23060
  5. To be whitelisted on the server, post your IGN (MC username) in the shoutbox.
  6. REMEMBER to select the resource pack once the game has loaded so you see things the way they were intended to be seen! A 32x alternative to the 16x is available below.
  7. Make sure you are using Java 64x. If you are not, the game will load extremely slowly.
  8. HAVE FUN! See you on the server!*

*If you have issues, please contact Co-Founder Jillian or another team member or use the shoutbox.


-RazzleberryFox and Jillian

We also now have an IRC channel connected directly to the server! If you wish to join, you can find us at #Decocraft! You may either download a client to connect or use a browser-based client such as Mibbit. Be sure to connect to the esper.net server, channel is #Decocraft

If you want the 32x version of the server resource pack, you may download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/naugb1oyyyqzhmv/CaelteriaCraft3.0.zip?dl=0  (it is only for mid to higher end machines!)

As of this post, quests in Dreamshire (the spawn area, for those who do not know) are 100% complete. They went through a process of reworking for first bugfixes, flow, spellcheck, consistency check, and then finally numerous test runs. The spawn quests were both broken and unfinished for a tremendous amount of time, and for this I'd like to apologize. This is hardly excusable, and it simply needed someone to put in the eight or nine hours to fix everything. If there is anyone unable to complete a quest or spot bugs with one, let me know as soon as possible and I will look to fix it.

As for what's changed with the spawn quests and dialogues themselves, Mayor Gerald has been absolved of all wrongdoing, and everyone seems to have forgotten about it... But memories, much like our own emotions, may spring forth from places long thought void of them. This quest chain may return someday, but not in the near future.

The dungeon in Dreamshire has also gotten a minor revamp. Now everything in the dungeon properly resets itself, no longer will one have to tread on other players' past progress. In addition, well, the "Not everything is as it seems" corridor actually makes sense now.

We have strong need of new skins for NPCs for the server, and we have finally exhausted public resources for decent-looking ones, so we now ask our community. If there are any good skinmakers out there, please contact me. In-game rewards may be compensation for your time and effort. 

[C] Cano_Lathra I won't say that I am a good skin-maker, but I can make something that looks like what you ask for. What format do ...

Things have been rather quiet as of late here, marked in part by the lack of front-page posts. This was because development in general had slowed to a crawl, and my own contributions during this time were nonexistent. Things have rather sped up over the last two weeks or so, however, and we have some results to share, and updates to show off!

First off, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to our new players. I hope that in our community you'll find a home, a refuge, or even just a place to hang out when you're feelin' it. I'd encourage the use of our forum, and also to use the site. It can be a very powerful tool in establishing yourself, getting information, and connecting with others who aren't on!

A new region is currently being packed with content, and will soon be showcased for players to go to. It also contains our very first end-game quest for players to embark on! Scoot over Crowshire, it's nearly time to give the region of Luceria time in the spotlight! Players will be able to make their names known among the stuffy nobility as the area nears completion.

The next thing I have in my little bag of updates is something of a classic to the MMORPG model. I have decided to commence work on content that's built for a team of 6+ players, with no penalty, punishment, or disincentive for having additional players participate. It's still very early in development, but I will post updates as the project progresses!

Read the rest of this post...

A fresh advertising campaign for the server has begun, pressed forward by our own Jillian. If who reads this has the time, I would encourage supporting the campaign in what ways you can. Through our combined efforts, we can bring more fresh faces to the server, and to our community. 

Some have probably seen this in the post I made, but Public Works Projects have been closed down for the time being due to lack of contribution dealt in part by the significantly decreased population a month or so ago. They will return when activity is booming! The architecture and everything that needs to be there is there, so there will be few problems and an even smaller amount of delay in bringing it back when the time comes.

Lastly, and possibly what many of those reading this post have wanted for some time... AM2 linearization news. To fully explain everything that's gone down, I'll first need to point attention to what has gone on with the mod itself. For quite a while, the developer of the mod had stated that all development on Ars Magica 2 would cease, making further updates to the server force us to leave the mod behind, making what will end up hundreds of hours of work completely null, and leave us with an empty suite of quests that ultimately give nothing substantial. Sure, they could be recycled somehow, but the content would never be fulfilling, and they'd simply be another set of quests. However... Development on AM2 has continued somewhat recently, showing newfound promise in the project. 

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the difficulties in development for our adaptation and implementation of this mod. A recent bug that we believe to be caused by mod conflict has torn everything that buffs/debuffs the player within the mod (and about 80% of the spells I created for the linearization) apart. We are currently investigating precisely what causes the conflict and whether or not we can address it without the removal of already existing mods in the roster. This will unfortunately delay its full fleshing out and release even further by a significant margin. Otherwise, the quests are still being written (it's one of the most, if not the most, plot-intensive quest/questsets on the server as of this writing), with the fire questset the most fleshed out currently. They will not be available to the public to use until all of the elements are complete. But this development, and this change in development time, has brought me to the conceptualization and development of two other questlines, one based on melee equipment, and the other based on archery equipment.

These new questlines will be unavailable to those who go into any of the six branches of magic. The most powerful melee weapons and most resilient armor will be available in this branch, as well as some of the finest bows and the hardest-hitting arrows in the archery branch. Again, these are all incompatible with one another, and players will be unable to delve into multiple branches. One of the major benefits players will have in joining these non-magical branches is taking the rare drops from bosses and improving them even further! Once it's all fleshed out, players should think carefully about which branch they wish to join!

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